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To Screen Or Not To Screen: The Prostate Cancer Dilemma

To screen or not to screen for prostate cancer, that is the question. Or is it?


A report from the venerable United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) made it to the media yesterday–a bit ahead of schedule–and it not only says we aren’t certain whether a man should get a PSA test to find prostate cancer early, it came flat out and said, effectively, “Don’t do it!”


Now that is a recommendation that is going to create a good deal of discussion, I would think. [more]


Whether PSA testing to find prostate cancer early really saves lives is not certain. The test has been around for over two decades, but it wasn’t until recently that there were any scientific studies that could provide evidence whether or not the test actually worked. And those two studies produced conflicting results, or so it seemed.


One study done in several European countries found that PSA screening reduced deaths from prostate cancer by about 20%. Another study done in the United States concluded that PSA screening did no such thing. In fact, in the US study, the deaths from prostate cancer were greater during the period of the … Continue reading →

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs died today at the age of 56.


Those are the plain and simple words that signal the end of a life, but clearly not the end of an ordinary life. This is a man who not only built a legacy, he defined the essence of the way we live in the 21st century through communication and connectedness.


Many obituaries will be written and many commentaries offered. There will be eloquence upon eloquence, all seeking to offer something unique, something different that can capture the essence of a man who was in fact a genius, someone who will have left an imprint on the world that will last for decades if not generations.


But there is one element of his journey through this life that stands out above almost everything else:


Steve Jobs was a survivor.


Steve Jobs was a survivor in business. We know the story of how he built a company, tried to mold success elsewhere, then returned to his dream and took it to heights that no one could have predicted or imagined. That is survivorship in the business world.


But Steve Jobs was another type of survivor: a cancer … Continue reading →