Correction to blog posted March 13 on ESAs

As part of a policy review today, I discovered that I had posted an incomplete entry to one of my March 13 blogs describing the outcomes of the Onocologic Drug Advisory Committee meeting for the Food and Drug Administration.  These hearings were held for the FDA to get the committee’s opinions on a number of issuses related to erythropoiesis stimulating drugs, called ESAs.

Because several I have written several blogs on the topic, I thought it important to correct the original blog with the additional information.  I have pasted the exact copy that I had prepared that day, with no futher edits or changes.  You can follow this link to the blog, which was written on 3/13/08 and titled “And Now, The End of the ESA Story (For Today).  I have clearly indicated which material has been added.

I regret this oversight.

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