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Want to quit smoking? Here’s how.

By Thomas J. Glynn, PhD

“I think I can. I think I can. I know I can. I know I can.” These words are a familiar refrain to the millions of Americans who want to quit smoking. We promise ourselves that this is the year that we are going to get healthier, to save more money, or to be nicer to our friends and family. But there are so many challenges – it’s too cold or rainy to exercise, I need that dress or that app, and who could be nice to Uncle Jack?

Yet there is good news if you are among the 45 million American adults who is still a smoker. You can become healthier, save more money, and do something wonderful for your friends and family- you can stop smoking.


How can stopping smoking make you healthier? Short-term, the effects of stopping are immediate – your blood pressure drops, your blood begins to flow more smoothly, and your lungs begin to clear out. Long-term, your risk of 15 types of smoking-related cancers is reduced, and your risk of a variety of smoking-related heart and lung diseases begin to resemble those of a nonsmoker.

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