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Welcome to the Expert Voices blog, the newest resource from the American Cancer Society for anyone interested in cancer. On this blog, you can regularly spend a few minutes with the experts who really know about staying well and getting well when it comes to cancer. Expert Voices will give you more than the statistics: it will give you insight. And because it’s from the American Cancer Society, it will all be scientifically-based, credible, and accurate.

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One thought on “Welcome to the Expert Voices blog!

  1. Living in denmark europe.
    had a PSA test—rutine. came back with 26.
    gleeson 6
    had 12 biopsi.
    Had a bone scan-negative result
    now they want to remove my Lymph glands for testing as a prelude to
    3 months hormone treatment followed by 39 radiation.
    They will implant some gold pieces in the prodtrate so that they can aim the radiation canon precisely
    I think the hormone treatment continues afterwards.
    yes i am 73 years old.

    does anybody have any thoughts about hormone and radiation, is both needed, riskes involved.

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